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Speaking Services

Caregivers Coach in Central PA is helmed by a deeply experienced PhD who understands that providing the proper bedside manner is just as important as the care being given.

Ann Fitzgerald Ober takes her audiences to a deeper understanding of conversations and how they impact lives. She believes that all conversations can be healing provided the participants know the keys to rich, caring dialogue.

Caregivers Coach provides services for:

  • Caregivers – professional and lay

  • Healthcare Industry – all disciplines and interests

  • General Public – all interests and walks of life

Ann speaks to professional caregivers, clergy, nurses, doctors and others. She is qually effective with students and seasoned practitioners and speaks with passion and conviction. Her unique abilities allow her to stir up the same reactions in her audiences. She also enjoys working with lay caregivers, helping them to find healing in their circumstances.

She has a presentation that appeals to a broader audience, namely that there is power and healing in every conversation done well.

Fees and Costs

Ann requests only an honorarium for her speaking services, which she donates toward furthering the work of Stephens Ministry in her church and community. There are modest fees associated with her workshops along with a charge for travel expenses associated with programs held outside Central PA. 

The costs of supplying her book, “Healing Conversations: Essential Communications for HealthCare Professionals,” and other classroom materials are separate.


Ann offers specific tips and practices to enrich everyone’s ability to become masterful at dialogue.

  • Keynote Presentations: Available in 60- to 90-minue healing presentations, Ann can appeal to a broad audience or customize her speech to lay caregivers, clergy, doctors, nurses and more.
  • Four-Hour Interactive Workshop: Getting to a dialogue that is informative, that influences and that inspires.
  • Five-Week Course: Professional caregivers are led in discussion and exercises to master understanding and skills in healing conversations. Based on Ann’s book, each session will be in the form of a 60-minute coaching session.

Ann is fun to listen to and insists that her audiences walk away with simple things they can do to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Contact Ann for a Speaking Engagement