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Healing Conversations…

Dialogue That Can Make a Difference

Caregivers Coach champions HEALING communications with those who CARE….all types of professional as well as lay caregivers from students to seasoned health care professionals.

The product of Ann Fitzgerald Ober, PhD, the company offers motivational presentations and skills training on healing conversations in Central PA and beyond. Caregivers Coach has designed its own CLEAR formula for caregivers and healthcare professionals to engage in healing conversations.

Classes and workshops are based on Ann’s highly acclaimed book “Healing Conversations: Essential Communications for Healthcare Professionals.” She points out the potential to hurt or help in conversations that:

  • Are never held
  • Are held before their time
  • Are never held
  • Are held before their time

About Ann

During her 47 years in the healthcare industry, first as a clinician and then as a leadership educator and a health system executive, Ann has studied the power and potential that conversations have to hurt or help, to incite conflict, or to bring

about calm.

She served as a professional nurse, caring for critically ill patients, newborns and cancer patients throughout Central PA. She also worked for the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania and for its medical malpractice insurance carrier, PHICO. Her career took her to Ohio, where she spent 25 years first as a strategic planning and marketing executive and then a leadership educator and corporate trainer. She established Caregivers Coach in 2010 and published her book in 2014.

Her message is dynamic and worthwhile to audiences of all backgrounds and interests. Ann takes her audiences to a deeper understanding of conversations and how they impact lives. She believes that all conversations can be healing provided the participants know and practice the keys to rich, caring dialogue.

Ann holds:

  • Diploma in Nursing from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Degree in Multi-Media Journalism from the Penn State Capital Campus
  • Master’s in Health Services Administration from St. Francis University
  • Doctorate in Education from Kennedy Western University
  • Her thesis covered the role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Message from Ann

I invite you to join my passion and to bring more caring into our lives. 

My hope is that our effect on one another is helpful and healing, not hurtful and harsh. I want us to know how to be calming and caring, not crushing and cruel, in the way we talk to one another.

It will take intention, practice and commitment.

I ask for one more thing more: that you influence and inspire others.

Please join me in this effort to lead change. The goal being that more and more people, regardless of role or circumstance, are fully committed to communication with respect, caring, and authentic concern.

If we fine-tune our communications, we can make all conversations healing ones.

Ann Fitzgerald Ober


  • Cleveland ICF Coach Federation
  • Ohio Speakers Association

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